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THE SACRED JOURNEY: Journaling for Healing
This course is designed to help participants begin practicing the art of journaling, the reflective and creative recording of one’s personal journey through writing, art or drawing.
The word “journal” comes from the same root as the word “journey”. “Sacred” means to “regard with reverence or respect”. In this class participants take time to explore their personal journey and learn from the journeys of others in a safe environment where each person is respected and treated with dignity.
Participants journal in class and on their own with “homework” assignments. During each class they learn a new way to creatively express themselves. They also have the opportunity during class to share with the group from their journals. This process of group vulnerability brings healing and freedom as participants speak out their story, hear themselves and also listen to the journey of others. Participants begin to see that everyone has a “sacred journey” that has value and needs to be shared.
The hoped outcome is that journaling or creative reflection becomes a personal practice that brings on-going healing and growth for a lifetime. Participants may not always have access to counseling or other helping people, but no matter where they are or what they are going through, they can find a pen and paper to release their pain and process life in a healthy, healing way through journaling.

Course written by: Deborah Muenstermann

Life is a path marked by hurt, hope, and struggles. At Open Hearts, we train you to engage people along that journey in deeper and healthier ways.
Through a safe and confidential group process, our curriculum leads you through your own stories of pain, disappointment, and abuse, equipping you to share the care you receive with others. We teach you to share and listen honestly. We show you how to practice good self-care. We seek to love like Jesus, with empathy and forgiveness. We help you create authentic community where people are heard, loved and healed together.

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You will begin to understand some basic recovery principles / tools and how your addictions have affected your life and relationships.

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