“Sharee is someone who helps me drop my shoulders, breathe deep, laugh hard and believe the best for myself and situation. Whether it’s a few moments of her time or hours, I feel understood, encouraged and motivated to live free knowing who I am and what I get to carry out in the world.”
– Emily

“Sharee Fox has an extraordinary gift for hearing. She listens to every word that comes from your mouth and can hear every word you’re saying with your heart. By hearing every word of my heart; Sharee has helped me navigate through and give language to things inside me I couldn’t see clearly myself.”

– Grace

“When Sharee and I began spending time together, I was newly heartbroken, learning to live with a chronic illness, and unsure of my vocation. This was incredibly heavy to face, but Sharee often assured me I did not walk alone. She listened empathetically, reminded me of the strengths I had, and encouraged me to pursue opportunities I wanted yet feared. With her help and wealth of resources, I was given vision and courage to take steps towards my dreams of writing, teaching, and serving in ministry. Sharee’s guidance was pivotal as I navigated life’s challenges—a gift I am immensely thankful for.”
– Erika

“Sharee’s heart of compassion and her various trainings have given her the ability to truly walk with people through some of their most difficult life circumstances. Personally, Sharee was always patient with my process, listening and provoking me with insightful questions. Additionally, her vast life experiences have give her much wisdom, which she was always willing to share. Sharee didn’t just give advice but she also provided practical tools and strategies that really helped me–and still do help me. Her goal was not just to inspire and motivate, but rather to teach me how to do the things I needed to do to overcome my difficulties.”
– Carolina

“I really enjoyed the Grief Group. Although the reason I joined in the beginning was to learn ways to help others, I found myself surprised with how many new things I learned from this method. It is simple and concise. I liked learning the instructions on how to hear the other party and also how programed I was by the people who taught me about loss and how I should handle grief. It is so worth doing.”
– Adriana

“I recently had the opportunity to be involved in a Grief Recovery group facilitated by Sharee Fox, I am so thankful for this opportunity and for all that I learned through the Grief Recovery Method. It was extremely helpful to explore all areas of grief and to recognize how much unfinished grief truly affects us in so many different areas of our lives. Through the exercises completed in this group I personally feel better equipped to walk through different areas of grief in my life, I’ve seen on a greater level the power in speaking things aloud to someone else and how important this is in the journey to healing. I also feel I have a much deeper understanding of grief in general which is beneficial not only to myself but as I consider my children and their feelings surrounding grief also. I am so thankful for Sharee and her heart and compassion in this area. This experience has been so positive for me and I would recommend anyone go through a grief recovery group no matter where you are in your journey!”
– Shantel

“The Grief Recovery program is the most amazing way to assist yourself with moving through the pain experienced after any kind of loss. The even more beautiful thing is being led through this amazing program by Sharee Fox, a trained and experienced Grief Recovery program specialist. Sharee is a total professional who possesses a natural ability to connect effortlessly with people on a deep level. She is incredibly intuitive, sensitive and empathetic. You immediately feel comfortable sharing your pain with Sharee, who will leave you feeling understood, cared about and validated. She is very personable and completely non judgmental. It was a true pleasure to work with Sharee as I processed my grief, as she walked me through the steps of this tremendous program week by week, I began to feel lighter and lighter. By the time I was done with the six weeks I felt much happier, at peace and more complete. One big bonus is that I now have the tools to help myself feel better after other losses I will undoubtedly experience in the future. Every person on this planet will experience loss, having the skills to help yourself regain your balance after being rocked by pain is one of the most valuable skills you can possess. Having a loving person like Sharee to teach this to you and be your guide through the process is a total joy!”
Suzanne Hewlett